We are more than your average provider of solvents. At I.C.P. Chemicals, we can provide our customers with reliable and consistent supply to make our customers’ business thrive. We are experts in chemical delivery and we will work closely with our customers through every step of the process to get the most out of our chemical

To be able to serve our customers to the best of our ability, we have professional facilities in which our solvents are being stored and handled:


The Siam Chemical Public Co., Ltd. : Wharf No. 5C

Wharf No.5C was constructed in 1971 as part of the Siam Chemical Public infrastructure. The terminal has the largest tank farm along the Chao Praya River basin located in Praradaeng district with 117 Rais or 46.5 acres of land. The terminal is a strategic and ideal location for solvent business with their own tanks, jetty, truck loading station, drum filling stations, laboratory and safety equipment.



BMTP Pacific Ltd.

BMTP is also located the Chao Praya River with their own terminal for bulk shipment and specialize in chemical products and dangerous goods. They also have their own warehouse where we are currently storing our drum cargos. The 15,000 square meter facilities have acquired the standard and fully compliant with the International Maritime Organisation’s ISPS Code, which has ensured that we have a strong, and professional storage facility.



Sub Sri Thai (Public) Co., Ltd.

SST has it’s own Wharf and Warehouse located close to Suksawat Road and on the bank of Chao-Praya River with good accessibility. SST’s facilities include 28 warehouse for storage of goods of 210,000 metric tons, two wharfs for ocean vessels, a roofed transit shed for the placement of goods of 12,000 metric tons, the parking spaces for 150 trucks and service facilities for the Company’s official and staff concerned.




We operate our own logistics in and out of our customers’ facilities to providing them the most cost and time saving solutions. We understand our customers’ concerns for safety, urgency and quality of the service. Our drivers have qualified for the type 4 driver’s license and all our trucks have acquired GPS for tracking systems. Therefore we can ensure that our customers are in safe hands in terms of safety, timing and quality of our service.